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Winter Adventure CD (Age 4-6)

This CD includes the following content:
Activity 1: Dress Boris and Bella game (understanding before/after, either/or and longer instructions)
Activity 2: Winter mind mapping (developing and categorising vocabulary to aid memory)
Activity 3: Tidy up the toys (understanding and giving detailed instructions- barrier game)
Activity 4: Sounds around- rhyming lotto ( phonological awareness- rhyme)
Activity 5: What day is it today? (understanding 'yesterday', 'today' & 'tomorrow')
For ages 4-6
Home liaison CDS licensed to the purchaser (for multiple printing)
These programmes, based on the four seasons, can be used throughout the school year as home activities or as in class activities. The aim to promote skills such as attention and listening, understanding of language, expressive language and phonological awareness. (pre-reading skills)

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