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One to one private Speech & Language Therapy is also available and we offer training packages to day care facilities, playgroups, nurseries and schools.


In Class Support and Targeted Group Work

SMALL TALK NI Language promotion groups suitable for ALL CHILDREN take place predominantly within schools, playgroups and nurseries and day nurseries.


• NURSERY TALK: for ALL children in their pre-school year 

As well as further developing ALL children’s speech and language skills, these classes focus on helping them begin to use their skills to express their own thoughts and feelings, tell their own stories and use their language to make new friends!!


• PLAYGROUND CHAT : for ALL children in their first year of Primary School

These classes for ALL children in P1 further build the children’s communication skills, developing concepts, verbal reasoning and narrative skills and help them learn how to ask effective questions. They also focus on phonological awareness which is needed for developing both reading and clear speech.


• CHATTERBOX: for targeted children in their preschool or first year of Primary School 

These 6 week programmes, are for targeted groups of  up to 6 children, who require particular focus on either developing their UNDERSTANDING of LANGUAGE , EXPRESSIVE LANGUAGE or SPEECH SOUNDS. These groups are for children in their pre-school year or in P1.



Some schools request that the therapist spends the morning in- class with them, demonstrating a variety of activities and strategies rather than running the group programme. They have appreciated time to observe the therapist and indeed the children in their class and then in consultation with the therapist, discussing how best to help the children in their setting.

We are very happy to modify our provision to accommodate the particular needs of each setting, and can provide quotes for such on request.