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One to one private Speech & Language Therapy is also available and we offer training packages to day care facilities, playgroups, nurseries and schools.



Training programme: 2017- 2018
Daycare and Early Years staff

Playgroups and nurseries often access grants to purchase formal training, in class demonstrations, parental training and language promotion groups and resources.

Schools often use Extended Schools funding to access these services and resources.


1: Small Talk NI Introductory Training

These 90 minute sessions are delivered in your setting and focus on:

• The processes involved in communication and how difficulties in each area night impact a child’s ability to communicate.

• Strategies & activities you can use to promote confident communication in your setting, at various ages and stages of development.

Hand-outs are provided along with a large A3 Wall Poster, summarizing the different aspects of speech and language development.
” Excellent- very easy to apply!”

B: Parent Training Session & CD for your facility of one of our Homework Packs

These 90 minute sessions focus on the processes involved in successful communication, and how best to help in a fun and relaxed way! A very interactive and enjoyable session.
One of our homework packs, will be demonstrated to the parents at the training session, and each parent will receive their own copy, to use at home with their child. The school will be provided with a MASTER COPY on CD, to use as a valuable resource year on year, as they liaise with parents.


2: “Demo and Do” Sessions-

These sessions are delivered in your setting. We will explain and demonstrate activities which target different aspects of communication development. A small booklet of activities and an A4 wall poster as included.
“Thank-you so much for all your support and resources….. we have learnt so much from it!”

This year we are offering the following sessions


A: Snap & Chat

Using photography to promote the development of understanding and expressive language skills. A very practical session to help you maximise your use of readily available technology to great effect!


B: Learning to Listen

Activities to promote great attention & listening skills, with ideas and activities to promote these skills at various stages of development.


C:  Chit – Chat

Using language socially to make and build relationships. The session focuses on a range of ideas and activities to promote eye contact, turn taking, sharing and understanding facial expression and emotion.


3: SMALL TALKNI  Study Days

We have 3 study days to offer schools and nurseries at present and are very suitable for exceptional closure or a twilight sessions.
How to build a confident communicator- our Sandcastle.
Overview of communication development from 0-4 years.
How best to help at each stage.
Resource pack demo!
Ten Tips
Suitcases and Passports
” This training was excellent! I have gained some useful insights on the difficulties some children have with communication and some useful strategies on how to help/support children in my setting.”

How adult’s interaction can help or hinder language development
Developing Vocabulary
Mind Mapping
Narrative Skills: Developing Story Telling
” Excellent” ” Fun” ” Practical and easy to apply”

Modelling & extending language in play Sandcastle fun
Language building play planning
Barrier Games
Sound Development & how to help.
” Great insights”


5: Accredited Elklan Training- for those facilities and individuals wishing to add to their CV as well as their knowledge and skills!

A: “Let’s Talk”

is a 12 hour course which helps staff or parents develop their knowledge in the area of speech, language & communication development. Above all, it offers practical strategies & skills to help you foster great communication in your setting.  ACCREDITED at APT Level 1.  A workbook is provided for each learner and work is marked before accreditation.


B: “Support for Under 5s”

is a 20 hour course, (with an additional 10 hours home study), which can be ACCREDITED at APT Level 2 or 3. It is a more in depth look at the skills required in communication, and is tailored specifically for the preschool and early primary school sectors Language Builders book provided for each learner and all work is assessed before accreditation is granted.


C: “Support for 5-11s”

is a 20 hour course, (with an additional 10 hours home study), which can be ACCREDITED at Level 2 or 3. It is a more in depth look at the skills required in communication, and is tailored specifically for the Primary School sector. Language Builders book provided.
” Very helpful- I enjoyed every aspect- apart from the homework!”


D:  A “Two Day Overview”

of either “Support for Under 5s” or “Support for 5-  11s” is available, without accreditation. This is often attended by a school Principal or SenCo who wants an overview of the training the early years team have attended.


Please see www.elklan.co.uk for further information about course content. Training in a local venue or in your setting, depending on the number of participants.


6: Parental Training

A: “Let’s Talk”

is a 12 hour course which helps parents or  staff  develop their knowledgein the area of speech, language & communication development. Above all, it  offers practical strategies & skills to help parents foster great communication with their children.  ACCREDITED at OCN Level 1. Workbook provided.
“This course is VERY useful and helpful to both us and the children!”